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This is a Myst-game Fanblog where you can find pictures and music from the Myst games:
-Uru / Uru Life
-End Of Ages

If you have any questions, please ask!
If you play Uru life, you can find me there sometimes as "Leiha Masura".
Have fun!

Exile , Edanna Swamp.

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I´m slowly running out of Riven pics. I would like to make some screencaps myself, but since I have Windows 7, I can´t play Riven anymore. I haven´t played it now for more than..I dunno, 3 years?? And that makes me crazy since it´s my fav myst game. I hope I will get the new version that you can play on Windows 7 this year so I can get you guys some new stuff. 


How many hires images is Cyan hiding from us!??
Found this on Cyan’s YouTube channel.

Backup: http://imageshack.com/a/img203/857/mxpg.jpg

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Uru , Kadish Tolesa.

End of Ages , Lakiahn.


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My Relto, with my player character Leiha Masura.

Uru , Teledahn.

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nekisahloth asked: Thank you for this blog. <3 

You´re welcome! It makes me glad when I can make other people happy with this blog! :D

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Uru, Kings Hall.